Halloween is just around the corner and we want to help you make it the best one ever! We are sharing the best tips and tricks for how to celebrate in style, without breaking the bank. We are also sharing ways you and your family can give back during this spooky season.


There are so many great DIY costume ideas out there, many of which can be made with simple items from around the house!

  • An old white sheet with a couple of holes cut out makes a great ghost
  • Wrap yourself in aluminum foils for a quick and easy “leftovers” outfit
  • Wear black pants, a black shirt, and add a few whiskers for a simple cat

Another way to get the whole family involved is by creating your Halloween costumes at a thrift store! Spend an afternoon wandering the aisles, mixing and matching fun pieces, and see what you come up with. Pair jeans, a flannel shirt, and a cowboy hat for a cowboy, or maybe bell bottom jeans, a tie dye shirt, and a scarf for a cool 1970’s look. Whatever you choose, we know you will have fun coming up with ideas! Come visit us at Upscale Resale for endless costume possibilities.


One of the best things about decorating this time of year is being able to bring the outside, inside! The beautiful colors of Fall can bring warmth and joy to any room. Gather leaves and acorns to arrange on top of the mantle, on a table, or filled in a vase for a natural look.

Another fun way to decorate, and have fun as a family, is to create your own Halloween treat bags! Grab some paper lunch sacks, markers, and stickers and have each family member decorate their own bag for the big night. When you are all done, punch holes in the top and slide a string through to create a festive banner or tape to the wall as your very own Halloween art gallery.

Looking for more traditional Halloween décor? The dollar store is a great place to find Halloween themed items for cheap. If you have room to store a little extra for next year, try shopping for Halloween décor after the holiday, on November 1st, when it is often discounted by 50-90%.

Halloween Treats

Who can forget holiday treats? Here are a few ideas for simple Halloween treats, using items you can find in almost any store or food pantry.

  • Use a marker to draw a Jack-o-lantern on Cuties and Oranges
  • Put a Halloween spin on rice krispy treats by adding orange food coloring, shaping them like a pumpkin, and adding a tootsie roll for the stem
  • Cut a banana in half so it stands up on it’s own, and add mini chocolate chips for eyes and a mouth to create a ghost

Speaking of treats, those go on sale after the holiday too! If you wound up with way too much Halloween candy, freeze some for later or set aside to add to your Gingerbread houses in December.

Ways to Give Back

Here at South County Outreach, we are always looking for ways we can give back to the community. We’ve rounded up a few ideas and would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

Say “Boo” To Your Neighbors

Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Treats for Troops

Halloween Random Acts of Kindness

Ween Dream Costume Donation

Donate to SCO Food Pantry

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