David was born in the Philippines and was raised by his grandparents during his early years.  When he was 14, his family migrated to Orange County. He graduated from high school in went on to earn a associate’s degree in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology.

David married his wife who also had a bachelor’s degree and they started a business and worked hard before moving on to other jobs.  They are a traditional family, with three daughters and a son, and they place a high value on education.  All the children are engaged in extracurricular activities and work hard at their studies.

Last Christmas, David was laid off from his job and there had been nothing but closed doors for four or five months – he was unable to find work.  His wife had resigned from her job when David was making enough for her to stay home to care for their four children.  The family went through their entire emergency savings and eventually lost their home and moved into an apartment.

When they could no longer afford the rent on their apartment, they were evicted. The family received a motel voucher through county social services and went from hotel to hotel until they entered the South County Outreach Transitional Housing Program.

Since coming into the program, David and his wife have both been able to find work. They have safe housing and a stable environment. He is a teacher and is goes to law school part time at nights and on weekends.

“When we first met David and his family, they were at a very difficult place in their lives,” said Transitional Housing Case Manager Ghislaine Dibong.  “The family of six had been sharing one bedroom in a motel and had run out of all their funds. The family had been through a lot and this experience was starting to take a toll on them emotionally and physically. The family was at a place where they just need someone to say ‘we can help!’ ”

During the program David and his family have participated in weekly case management meetings where they have set monthly goals and worked on their budget.  The family has paid off their debts and is now consistently putting money into savings. The whole family attends weekly life-skills group workshops where the parents participate receive education on topics such as credit repair, parenting and job coaching, the kids participate in the children’s group.


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