My name is Elizabeth and I am a single mother of four kids ages 15, 10, 8 and 1. The oldest are boys and my 1-year-old is a beautiful little girl.  We became homeless in September 2014.  I was in an abusive relationship and my only option to get out was to leave with whatever I could fit in my four-door sedan.

I was unemployed and did not receive any child support or government assistance. My family would only help by letting my boys sleep at my brother’s place. My daughter and I had to sleep in the car. I would drive around until she fell asleep then I would find a dark spot for us to park for the night.

It was heartbreaking for me. I couldn’t believe what my life had become.  I knew I was not going to let that be my reality so I quickly set out to find help and did what I could to help myself.

By October I was able to get an office job and a nighttime hostess job. Unfortunately, with all the babysitting needs and rent I was being charged for my boys to stay at my brother’s, I could not see how I was going to save enough for a security deposit.

Luckily, I found South County Outreach. On December 14 my children and I were able to move in into a wonderful two-bedroom apartment. It was a Christmas miracle – we were not split apart. We had a warm place to call home.

It has only been four months since I came into the South County Outreach Transitional Housing Program.  But in that time, I managed to make it through two job transitions, pay off my car loan, save enough for first month’s rent and deposit and I even managed to pay off some debt.

We lost everything when we moved and now my children and I have a warm and safe place to live, there is food at home and we have made many great friends.  Every Thursday we have group meetings – I have gotten help with taxes, cleaning up my credit, budgeting, parenting and personal development skills.

I cannot say enough about what great things South County Outreach has done for us nor can I find the words to fully express just how grateful I am. I plan to continue pursuing my goals in becoming financially independent enough to be sitting where you are today and then be the one volunteering and donating to South County Outreach.


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