Marie, a single mother with three children, came to South County Outreach in need of rental assistance. Marie is a long-time South County resident and has been working with the same employer for more than 11 years. She has struggled financially from time to time as many single mothers do, but has always been able to make ends meet.

An unexpected and expensive car repair was needed and Marie was left without enough money to pay rent. Unable to borrow from family or friends, she sought out assistance and found South County Outreach. Michelle was hesitant to call for rental assistance, as she has never been in this situation before and was embarrassed that she needed help.

After receiving rental assistance at South County Outreach, Michelle shared her appreciation in the following letter:

“I wanted to show our gratitude by sending a personal thank-you note. I am very blessed to be able to receive help from your wonderful organization and prevent my family from being homeless. It is very difficult to stay above water when unexpected expense comes through, just know that you have definitely impacted our lives to know there are great people within these agencies that are here to help.  From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful and thankful.”


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