Why We Volunteer


“When you retire you start winding down and you want to get involved – particularly right here in your own backyard. There are a lot of hungry people and homeless people right here in Orange County, though you wouldn’t believe it, they are out there. It makes me feel good to be doing this. I love South County Outreach and plan to volunteer as long as you’ll let me.”


The few hours I’m able to volunteer for South County Outreach are some of my favorite.  I like knowing I can help those in need by simply saying yes to a volunteer request.  South County Outreach appreciates whatever time you can spare.


“I like helping people. I might not be able to do much, but I still enjoy doing what I can to do my part to help someone. When I go home I feel good.”


“I started to volunteer after I retired because my husband was very involved before he passed away. There are so many nice people here, both volunteers and clients. I look forward to Friday a.m.”

Lilly (age 13):

“I volunteer because it is such a great feeling to give back. I love feeling like I just helped make the world a better place after I volunteer. I always look forward to coming!”


“I began volunteering at Saddleback Valley Outreach (now known as South County Outreach) almost 12 years ago. While being on administrative leave at the City of Laguna Hills, I met Ray Havert, SCO founder, and he and his efforts stole my heart. I thought to myself, ‘When I retire, I am going to volunteer there.’ I began working in September 2003 in the pantry and front office. I worked at three locations and have seen SCO grow in services and technology. Being a volunteer here has been one of the biggest blessings of my life – helping those in need with a smile, caring heart, in tangible ways.”


“I was looking for a way to give back to the community and a friend brought me to the pantry.”


“I feel I am blessed and my needs are met. Working in the pantry gives me a chance to help others.”


“I enjoy serving those in need and giving a helping hand to disadvantaged families and individuals.”


“Why do I volunteer? Because volunteering is giving back – it’s a way of showing gratitude for all the gifts I’ve been given. And it’s a two-way street, when I give (by teaching computer classes) I receive a chance to connect with other people, a chance to pass on my knowledge and experience, and the opportunity to keep my computer skills up to date. Thank you, South County Outreach!”


“I volunteer to help people with their most basic needs.”


“I have always worked in the public service field (34 years in law enforcement) and enjoy helping people on many levels. Food pantries have a special place in my heart as my family of five grew up on Social Security with a single parent. So I have a passion for giving and helping others. Thank you for this opportunity.”


“To hug a vet!”


“I volunteer because I can. I am fortunate enough to have some free time each week to help out. I look forward to my time at the food pantry. It’s a great feeling to help people in need!”


“I volunteer because I need to feel I am helping my community in some way. I have had good fortune in my life and want to be of service to those who are less fortunate.”


“I wanted to use my skills after retirement to help people who don’t have enough money for food, utilities and rent.”


“Because caring for one another is the right thing to do.”


“I volunteer because I believe in giving back to my community.”


“God has blessed me in that I have an education, had a full-time job, good health and to have a family that I am proud of for their accomplishments. He has given me the opportunity to give back to those in need.”


“I want to provide vital services. Twelve years giving blood, 10-year volunteer at food banks.”


“I was unemployed for quite a while and food banks helped me through. Now I have an opportunity to pay back the generosity.”


“I have time and knew there was a need.”


“I feel good when I give back to the community.”


“I spent first seven years of retirement volunteering in classrooms. SCO had been coming onto my radar through my church, PCOM. A conversation with Mary led me to thinking about volunteering at SCO. A visit on a Wednesday, Mary’s day, convinced me that this would be a good fit for me. I am enjoying my new ‘work’ – it is a good thing to be able to help people, whether it is through the food pantry or getting new skills in the computer lab.”