condo exteriorOngoing medical needs, depletion of unemployment benefits, or multiple evictions make securing permanent housing difficult. The goal is to provide subsidy and services in a housing unit that would not require relocation at the end of the program.

Case management works with families or individuals and landlords to address potential barriers to securing a lease. This includes identifying appropriate permanent rental housing options and negotiating manageable and appropriate lease agreements. The program provides assistance for a duration based on each client’s individual goals and plan.

Rapid Rehousing program is operated through partnerships with local apartment communities and landlords throughout scattered site locations in the South Orange County area. The program works toward making each family self-sufficient and able to remain in permanent housing.

Program Structure

After assessment and acceptance into the Rapid Rehousing Program, families are assigned to a case manager who becomes their partner throughout their time in the Rapid Rehousing Program. Each client will work closely with the South County Outreach case manager to help facilitate the move in process, as well any communication with the apartment community or landlord.

Families will also work with the case manager to learn essential tools in maintaining a home and becoming a good renter. Through case management, an individualized plan is developed with each participant based on the identified needs. Mandatory monthly meetings monitor and evaluate the family’s progress and monthly life-skills workshops provide the participants with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient.

The purpose of all our housing programs is stabilization. Once housing is stabilized – whether through rental assistance or housing assistance – our case managers can help each household identify other resources needed to maintain stability (e.g. health insurance, benefits, child care services, food, clothing, workforce development, career advancement).


Applications can be picked up at the office or downloaded. Click here to download a rapid rehousing application.

Program Eligibility

In order for a household to receive assistance, staff must assess the household’s need for housing placement or financial assistance, allowing individuals and families to move out of homelessness into stabilized permanent housing. The assessment process serves two purposes: establishing a trusting relationship with the person seeking help and determining a fit for the best program. Assessment is only possible when the family or individual is an active participant, making decisions about the array of services needed or wanted, and applying the determination to be successful.

After the Program

Follow-up is important to ensure that the assistance provided has resolved the housing instability that the household is progressing toward its goals, and that clients stay housed following Rapid Rehousing or Transitional Housing. Household goals may be as simple as paying rent and utilities on time to as comprehensive as the successfully completing a vocational training or degree program.

Clients are contacted at 12 months and 24 months post-program to determine whether or not they have remained housed. This is a time where additional resources can be provided if needed.

Outcomes that measure the success of South County Outreach housing programs include:

  • Did the household stay housed?
  • Did the household access additional resources to help address their needs?
  • Were housing barriers reduced or resolved?
  • Was the length of homelessness reduced?
  • Was stable housing maintained for 12 months and 24 months following completion of the housing program?
  • Were the employable skills and/or was the monthly income increased?
  • Was household debt reduced?

For more information on the Rapid Rehousing Program, please call (949) 380-8144, ext. 215