Did you catch that slight chill in the breeze?

See the sales in the shops and extra lights in the halls?

Do you smell the many scented candles and trees?

Warm food and full hearts at ease?

Perhaps even feel a slight tinge of joy in us all?

It’s the Holidays and they’re coming right around the corner!

While it’s only the beginning of November, pretty soon, goodwill and tidings of cheer will be knocking on your door!

One of our favorite things about the holiday season is decorating, and we sure love showing off a good tree, but where do you get started?

Take a look at some of our favorite trees decorated for our Annual Festival of Trees and we’ll share some tips that could inspire a whole new wave of holiday spirit in your home!

Tip #1: Start With a New Color Palette

Not sure where to begin doing things differently? Go out on a limb and start at the very beginning with a brightly colored tree! A new base color can make your usual ornaments pop in a whole new way. Try using ornaments and garnishing that will contrast against the branches. A new color scheme can transform the whole mood of your living room!

Tip #2: Switch Out the Star

You don’t have to do much to transform the look of your tree! Your newest topper could be at your favorite craft store or even buried in the toy chest – either way, ideas will start flowing once you start thinking outside the box! Try using twist ties, wire, or clips to ensure your new topper will be securely fastened to the top of your tree and look fabulous all season long!

Tip #3: Channel a Monochromatic Style

Nothing is sleeker than a tree dressed to match! Pick one or two colors and bring together lights, ribbons, ornaments and other garnishing that all live in the same color family! We love how these decorators used large flowers, and even the gifts under their trees to pull together this look! While this tree might take some strategic planning, the results never disappoint.

Tip #4: Consider Storytelling

What really embodies the spirit of the season in your home? Whether it is concrete through an object like a snowman, or even more abstract, like the magical ornaments glimmering down on the presents beneath them, consider what your tree means to you and those around you. Use the tree as a canvas to capture the very essence of joy from that holiday cheer.

Tip #5: Try Something Totally New!

Looking for an ultimate Christmas challenge? Go for something totally new and let your imagination run wild to create a whole new ‘tree’! We absolutely love this wine bottle tree. Work with your family and friends to brainstorm on your materials and take things one step further by making this new ‘tree’ into a working advent calendar! This one’s sure to be remembered for years to come!


No matter how you choose to do it, always remember to have fun and decorate your tree to your heart’s desire!

We warmly extend an invitation for you to see our own decorated Christmas trees in all their glory on Friday, November 30 at our 5th Annual Festival of Trees fundraiser. Tickets now available! Grab yours today. 

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