Homeless Family Assessment Week

May 23, 24, 25, 2017

If your family is without shelter and sleeping on the streets or in your car, FAMILY ASSESSMENT WEEK is an opportunity to connect with agencies to reduce the time your family spends without housing.
Family Assessment week is a county wide effort to assist families who are experiencing homelessness in This information will be used by a cohort of agencies that provide homeless services. The mission of this cohort is to end homelessness for children and families in Orange County. The assessment will be used to work with Agencies to work reduce the time a family experiences homelessness by matching families to housing opportunities as they become available.
You will also receive a $10 food gift card for our participation.
Who should participate? Families, with minor children, who are experiencing homelessness (living in the car, on the streets, camping)
How to participate? Visit an Assessment Sites to complete the assessment of your housing situation. This process will take around 30 minutes to an hour. You do not need an appointment.
Where? Assessment sites are at various locations throughout Orange County. Visit the website below or ask the agency that gave you this card.
What to bring? Identification of all family members. All assessments and identification will be confidential within the agencies.


For more information,  call 949.380.8144 ext 219 or email us at acastillo@sco-oc.org

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