International Day of Charity: How You Can Be Charitable Today

Today is the International Day of Charity, which was first declared by the United Nations in 2012 to raise awareness for national and regional nonprofits and charitable activities. The date (September 5) was chosen to commemorate Mother Teresa’s death in 1997.

Charity is something many of us strive for every day. There are hundreds who want to give their time, talents, and treasures to those in need. The problem? Many are unsure of how to initiate charitable acts, and what exactly is needed of them.

At South County Outreach, our goal is to end hunger and homelessness in Orange County. Without the charitable activities of our donors, volunteers, and organizations, we’d be much farther behind. However, it doesn’t take much to be charitable. Read on for easy ways you can contribute to the charity of others, whether that’s today, this week, or this year:

Let’s make an impact.

Make a recurring donation.

Many nonprofits, including our own, offer an easy option to those who want to donate each month by implementing recurring donation forms. This allows you to donate a set amount each month. All you have to do is set up the first payment, and we’ll take care of the rest. IMPACT: A monthly donation of $50 will feed a local senior every week. Donate.

Donate your skills.

Many nonprofits operate with a small staff, and are in need of skilled volunteers to donate their work pro-bono. Whether that’s by writing a blog post, creating a brochure, filming an educational video, teaching a computer class to clients, or even providing handyman services, skilled volunteers are an invaluable part of the charitable community. Learn more.

Raise Funds.

Make the most out of that time spent on social media every day, and share a fundraiser for your favorite charitable cause. With enough traction and talk, you can raise a hefty amount of funds without breaking your own bank to do good. PRO TIP! If you’re donating on Facebook, don’t forget to include your email address so your nonprofit can give you a proper and personalized THANK YOU for your support.

Spread your dollar.

If you’re already shopping, you might as well do it at places that’ll help you give back to charity. AmazonSmile is a great example of this – just choose South County Outreach as your nonprofit of choice, shop like normal, and when you checkout, Amazon will donate .5% of your eligible purchases to our organization.

Ask about employer gift matching.

Many employers now offer a certain percentage of gift matching – does yours? If so, you could potentially double your donation, and bring in more support for your favorite cause. If not, chat with your HR department about creating a match program. It’s great for social responsibility, and for your company’s tax season!

It’s easier than you think to make a difference! Let’s make this International Day of Charity count. Happy giving!

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