Computer Lab Workshops CLOSED due to COVID-19

Cox Tech Center (Computer Learning Lab) Courses

  • Using files, search for files, manage multiple windows
  • Copy, rename, delete files, Using folders
  • Desktop, creating shortcuts
  • Creating and saving documents
  • Spell check, grammar check, auto correct
  • Formatting paragraphs with hanging indents
  • Setting tabs
  • Using the ruler
  • Cut and paste

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  • Margins, page breaks, page setup
  • Headers and footers
  • Columns
  • Tables
  • Forms, word art, mail merge
  • Complex Tables
  • Charts, specials characters, graphics
  • Cropping, sizing, clipart
  • Auto-fill, moving columns and rows
  • Relative versus absolute cell references
  • Copy, paste, paste-special
  • Using Excel as a calculator

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  • “What if” analysis
  • Protecting the workbook
  • Conditional formatting
  • Macros
  • Pivot tables, charts
  • V- lookup H- lookup

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  • Creating a presentation, changing a presentation
  • Transitions, using animation

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South County Outreach operates a Computer Learning Lab that instructs almost 500 students annually and helps those who are unemployed and under-employed improve their computer skills to increase job opportunities. Support South County Outreach by donating computers or computer equipment or by volunteering.

COMPUTER INSTRUCTORS WANTED: We’d like to add Access classes and are looking for volunteer instructors for that program as well as QuickBooks. If you are interested, please email

REGISTER TODAY – CALL (949) 380-8144, ext. 212 or email

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Computer Donations

To donate computers or computer equipment, please call (949) 380-8144 ext. 212.

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The Computer Learning Lab operates by volunteers. Volunteer as a Computer Learning Lab Instructor or Administrative Assistant. Click here for more information.

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