South County Outreach Volunteer Turns 90.

South County Outreach Volunteer Barbara Paine turned 90 on April 28, 2014. Mrs. Paine has been volunteering with South County Outreach since 2006, and when asked, has every intention of continuing to faithfully serve every Thursday no matter what age she is. Going into her ninth year of volunteering at South County Outreach, Mrs. Paine has been one of the most consistent volunteers in the food pantry since its founding in 1989. “Barbara is an inspiration to us all. South County Outreach is lucky to have many, many wonderful volunteers, but Barbara’s commitment and longevity are hard to match,” explains Lara Fisher, Executive Director of South County Outreach.

A fourth generation Californian, she was born in Stockton, California in 1924.  Her involvement in volunteering began early on in her 20’s when she helped organize volunteer events for the Free Masons at the local lodge in Northern California.  With a humble tone, Mrs. Paine explains, “I guess I have always volunteered in my community because it is something that needed to be done, and I enjoyed doing it, and I continue to enjoy it too.”  Throughout Mrs. Paine’s life she has continued to volunteer. No matter where she finds herself, it has been her desire to give back.

Within a year of moving into Laguna Woods in the early 2000’s tragedy struck and Mrs. Paine’s husband died of cancer. While living in Laguna Woods she met longtime friend Bee Rodgers who encouraged her to come and volunteer with her at a local nonprofit called South County Outreach.  Mrs. Paine was excited for this new opportunity.  Already an active member in her community though her local Kiwanis and Cribbage Clubs, volunteering at South County Outreach became another extension of her willingness to dedicate her time and her talents to giving back to her community.  When asked what she most loves about volunteering with South County Outreach, Mrs. Paine responds, “I absolutely love spending time with and helping each client get exactly what they need, everyone is always so appreciative,” she went on to add, “I also really love the team I get to volunteer with every Thursday afternoon too.”

“Barbara Paine is just as much a part of South County Outreach as any one volunteer, but her commitment to the organization has been unprecedented,” says Director of Operations Renee Stevenson, “We look forward to working with Barbara as long as she’ll have us, and our goal is to find more volunteers with a heart and commitment like hers.”

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