The Best Way to Thank A Volunteer

Regular Thursday South County Outreach volunteer, Charlie Marken was waiting patiently in the dentist office for his wife to get done with her appointment.  He had just finished volunteering, and therefore was still wearing his South County Outreach volunteer shirt. As he was sitting down reading a magazine, he felt a tug on his arm from a woman in the waiting room who proceeded to hand him a note (pictured above) she had just written.  A bit surprised, Charlie quickly scanned the written note, it read:

Before I got a decent job, my daughter and I really struggled. She was a toddler and I had a hard time making ends meat. I never got child support from her “father.” Thank you for volunteering at South County Outreach.  South County Outreach filled the gap for us for a year.

Touched by the note he had just received, Charlie struck up a conversation with the woman. She began to express her gratitude, and let him know that she has a good job and is able to provide for her daughter now.  She said she is no longer in need of the assistance South County Outreach provides, but was so grateful for the help she received when she was in need.

Have you had an encounter like this while in public? If so please share your stories in the comments section below.

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