These numbers show why people here in OC are in danger of being homeless

KPCC is reporting that to afford rent in Los Angeles County, a person needs to make $68,640 a year – that’s $33 an hour – to pay the average apartment rent of $1,716 a month.

In Orange County, the average apartment rent is $1,663 so a person would need to make $66,520 a year to pay that rent, based on rent being 30% of one’s income. That’s a wage of $31.98 an hour, much less than the minimum wage of $9 an hour in California, or $18,720 a year. There is a big difference between $66,520 and $18,720 – $47,800 in fact.

That’s why there is a need for services preventing hunger and homelessness here in Orange County.


Read the KPCC story here:

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