Wow! We can’t believe January 2019 is already half way over… but we couldn’t let the month pass by without shouting out our good friend, soup! Yes, January is #NationalSoupMonth and considering we operate a bustling food pantry, canned soup is one of our dearest allies in the fight against hunger in Orange County.


To honor National Soup Month, we wanted to share some food drive ideas you could incorporate with your family, corporation, or organization!

Family Favorites Does your family have a favorite soup you love cooking in January? We want to share it with our clients! Whether it’s clam chowder, tomato, or original chicken noodle, fill up a box with your favorite family soups and drop it off at our food pantry! *Bonus points if you bring in a recipe for your favorite homemade soups as well!


Corporation Chow Down At your next staff meeting, encourage employees to bring along a can of soup with them! The coworker with the most cans of soup at the end of the month wins a Panera Bread giftcard*! 

Oodles of Noodles with your Organization — Break your club up into two teams, each representing one type of soup! For example, you might have Team Chili and Team Vegetable Soup. Whichever team brings in the most of their kind of soup becomes victorious!

A Soup a Day Keeps the Chill Away — Even though we’re in Sunny California, the storms have been pretty rough lately. Team up with your squad and donate a can of soup a day to keep the chill away. Track your daily totals and try to see who can go unbroken for the rest of January! That’s only 15 cans of soup per person — 15 cans that could save the life of a neighbor in need. 

These are just a few fun ideas to run by your community, but there are a ton of other great ways to stay involved with South County Outreach this winter. Remember, after the holidays, our donations slow down tremendously, but thousands of families are still in need of food and shelter. Whether your food drive lasts a week or a month, it will make a difference in the lives of your neighbors.

If food drives aren’t your thing, that’s okay! Our annual hunger awareness fundraiser, Empty Bowls, is coming up on April 9, 2019. Tickets are now on sale! Join us as we invite local chefs to serve hearty, homemade soups as we reflect on those whose bowls are truly empty. 

To get started with your #NationalSoupMonth Drive, contact our Food Team at or call 949-380-8144 x203

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