We recognize that the experience of poverty is unique – so our programs need to provide families and individuals with the opportunities and the support to face their distinct challenges. South County Outreach meets the need of residents facing short-term poverty with food and rental assistance. Housing, rental subsidies and supportive training provide a path for families experiencing long-term poverty associated with homelessness.

Homeless Prevention Program

The cost to prevent an eviction and subsequent homelessness is approximately five times less than the cost to re-house once housing is lost. 70% of those assisted with a rental payment had never faced eviction before, 36% were children, and 6% of them were seniors living on fixed incomes. The impact of homelessness is lasting for children, devastating for seniors, and costly for the community. South County Outreach keeps families in their home and off the streets. Learn more >>>

Housing Programs

South County Outreach purchased its first condominium to house a homeless family in 1994. Today, 17 condominiums are dedicated to homeless families. Children are exposed to frightening, harmful, and traumatic experiences during bouts of homelessness. Our approach to ending homelessness includes three tiers of housing – transitional, affordable, and rapid rehousing. Learn more >>>

Food Pantry

The only South Orange County pantry open 5 days a week, clients are encouraged to shop the shelves choosing foods their family will eat and allowing them to maintain dignity during a time of crisis. Access to fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, and dairy products is an ongoing focus and important to healthy living. Learn more >>>

Computer Learning Lab

The Lab offers training in Microsoft Office Suite, resume building, and Internet job search techniques, to develop improved employability. 50% of students are over age 50, have a college degree, and are looking to go back to work. Learn more >>>

Upscale Resale

Our thrift store, Upscale Resale, provides vouchers for clients to pick out new or gently used clothing and household items. Appropriate and adequate clothing removes poverty from employment searches and alleviates the humbling, visible signs of poverty when attending school. Learn more >>>

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